Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Like Roy Holmgren from Murrieta, who recently filed a court order against Google to release the name(s) of those calling him a criminal online, my detractors lie on these Web sites like it's a hobby for them, hidden in a shroud of anonymity. The latest topping the Google search engine is: "Kowell is a stock owner in GCI or he stands to ... " from is one of the three so-called major facts about me. No, I don't own stock in GCI (a newspaper company), nor do I own stock in what I think they meant by the article, GVA (Granite Construction), who owns the Liberty Quarry, nor do I gain anything by supporting the Liberty Quarry. These people didn't even get the stock symbol right, let alone the facts about the quarry. I support the quarry because it is the right thing. All the reports show it is the right thing and that it won't cause the environmental disaster its detractors say it will. In fact, it will lesson the environmental impact by keeping trucks off the road from other regions.Two city councilmen have told the Republican Women Federated club that they would support the quarry if the reports showed that the quarry is a positive step for Temecula. All the reports are in, and they say it is a positive step for Temecula. The city has done its own report, but for some reason, they have trouble publishing it. I bet it shows that the quarry is good for us.Bob KowellMurrieta

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