Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Don't Trust The Liberal Left

Bob Kowell wrote: You can’t trust the liberal Left. They have been responsible for the gradual destruction of the American Way. They are wrong on most issues including these: the war in Iraq, global warming, socialized health care, abortion on demand, marriage between one man and one woman, illegal alien voting rights, and many more. When the economy looks bad, they want to fix it with another government program. As the economy gets worse, they will push for more government interference including socialized government health care which will cripple everyone. They say they want freedom but want the government to control every aspect of our lives. They want change but don’t realize the change they want comes from the freedoms that conservatives cherish.When confronted with a difficult war that must be fought, they run away. They say they are for freedom but aren’t willing to pay the price which can be life itself. They don’t seem to believe that Islamic –fascism is a threat. Look at their hate speech against conservatives including myself even if there is no truth to it. They are much like the terrorists but use character assassination. They are truly bullies dressed in peace outfits. Listen to their speeches.The Murrieta./ Temecula Republican Assembly (www.MT-RA.com) wants to expose them for what they truly are; bullies. Our next speaker is on Feb 1 at Pat & Oscars. Come see Larry Greenfield, head of the Jewish Republican Coalition, speak on: “The American Way: Fighting Liberalism and Islamic Jihad” RSVP at Infobookz@aol.com.